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You express your interest to him, and at the outset of the conversation, he asks you- in which sector do you want to invest? You want to invest in stocks; you know what market indicators are. Different stocks are available to help construct new homes and properties. Oil and gas are supplied to the general public by several companies.

What are the 13 sectors?

  • Energy.
  • Materials.
  • Industrials.
  • Consumer Discretionary.
  • Consumer Staples.
  • Health Care.
  • Financials.
  • Information Technology.

Financials include insurance companies, banks, real estate, funds, issuers of credit cards, etc. Sectors make it convenient for the investors and portfolio managers to efficiently allocate the funds in the respective portfolios. Let us now look at the number of sectors in stock market and the role they play.

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The companies that do business in the oil and natural gas industry are covered in the energy sector. The oil and gas exploration and production companies and those producing consumable fuels- coal and ethanol are included in this sector. The businesses which deal in the equipment, material, and services related to oil and gas production are also included in the energy sector. However, many renewable energy companies are not considered in the energy stock sector; instead, they are considered utilities.

Non-banking financial companies , asset management companies , rating and research institutions, insurance companies, and public and private banks are part of this vast industry. The banking sector is notable because it earns money from money. The top line of banks is calculated using the cash flows of every other company on the market.

11 sectors of the stock market

On the same note, sectors help inform investors about industries they would not want to park their money in. For example, during times of pandemic when air travel tends to be restricted, investors may want to refrain from tourism or aviation sectors. Angel One has created short courses to cover theoretical concepts on investing and xtrade forex trading. These are by no means indicative of or attempt to predict price movement in markets. This sector includes a couple of significant areas which were earlier the part of other sectors. The communication service providers, both the wireless and telecom network providers of old-fashioned landline services come under the sector.

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We have listed best 5 companies below which can give you better returns in coming months. Shares of Archean Chemical Industries Ltd are going to hit Dalal Street today as the Archean Chemical IPO listing date has been fixed on 21st November 2022. This means Archean Chemical shares will be a part of the Special Pre-open Session today. Shares of Five Star Business Finances Limited are going to hit the secondary market today as the Five Star Business Finances IPO listing date has been fixed on 21st November 2022. China stocks closed down for a fourth straight session on Monday as investors’ hopes of an early easing in strict pandemic curbs were dashed. However, some surge in infections lifted some healthcare shares.

This is the reason behind the distinction of profits from financial companies from the profits of non-financial companies. Consequently, a sectoral approach to investing enables one to account for this differentiation. Read ahead to learn more about the different sectors in stock markets with a special focus on the Indian equity space. So, now you are aware of the significant 11 sectors of the stock market. You can look at each sector’s performance before investing to make a better decision.

We have listed best five companies from this sector, which you should have in your portfolio to reap gains in the near future. Consumer discretionary sector is the term given to goods and services manufactured by companies that are considered non-essential for citizens of a country. They are desirable if their available income is sufficient to purchase the same after allocating the income for basic necessities.

11 sectors of the stock market

It is essential to understand the sectors, research, and then invest in the right ones. Consumer Staples- The food and beverage industry that is a crucial part of consumer staples can never run out of business. Health Care- With the increase in the average life, there are many advancements in the health care industry. There is always a possibility that the health care system will just advance and expand. It is advisable to invest in the health care sector to have guaranteed profits. Further, these are put out for rent, and subsequent revenue is generated.


Their collective performances happen to be a deciding factor of economic growth. This is to inform that, many instances were reported by general public where fraudsters are cheating general public by misusing our brand name Motilal Oswal. The fraudsters are luring the general public to transfer them money by falsely committing attractive brokerage / investment schemes of share market and/or Mutual Funds and/or personal loan facilities.

  • The way oil companies generate lots of cash flow and have stable dividends, and the industrials also have a similar reputation.
  • As a result, even on terrible days for the economy, your neighborhood grocery stores will be busy selling FMCG products.
  • Herein, stocks have been categorized into forty-one divisions to help investors filter stocks based on their nature of business.
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The group is also anticipated to report the second smallest YoY increase in revenue, with a gain anticipated to be just 1.4%. Have seen their stronger prices helping the sector, with expectations for the sector to report the second largest YoY increase in revenue, with sales forecast to grow almost 21%. In comparison, the S&P 500 is down by 7.7% over the same timeframe. The fact that the prices of listed securities are set as per the forces of demand and supply and are disclosed publicly, investors are assured to acquire them at a fair price.

Sector Classification in stock markets

That anxiety was heightened on Thursday after a Fed official suggested U.S. interest rates might have to be raised higher than expected to cool inflation. Despite weakness in the stock market today, more than 5 banking stocks have hit a 52-week high in early morning deals on Monday. Interestingly, these banking stocks have managed to climb to their new 52-week high when the Bank Nifty index is in the negative zone after nearly three hours of trade. Out of those banking stocks that have hit a 52-week high today, 5 banking shares are state-owned banks.

For instance, only listed company shares are quoted on astock exchange. Stocks which are not listed on a reputed stock exchange can still be traded in an ‘Over The Counter Market’. But such shares would not be held high in esteem in thestock exchange market. Real software development request for proposal estate sector is divided in four sub- sectors – Housing, Retail, Hospitality, and Commercial. The growth of this sector is well complemented by the growth of the corporate environment and the demand for office space as well as urban and semi-urban accommodations.

Crypto markets are on the back foot, holding Sunday losses that have pushed Bitcoin — the largest token — to about $16,000. Second-ranked Ether is also struggling amid indications that some of the $663 million drained from FTX as it slid into bankruptcy is now being transferred out of the token. Investors continue to pull funds from digital-asset exchanges despite the latter’s efforts to reassure markets about their stability. Crypto lender BlockFi Inc. is on the cusp of its own Chapter 11 filing. At least four companies are seeking Russian cargoes that can load by Dec. 5 and discharge before Jan. 19, according to people familiar with the matter.

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There is no definitive number, and this article’s stock market sector list is certainly not exhaustive. New companies evolve, and as a result, the count of sectors cannot afford to stay stagnant. In a library, when you know which books are placed on which shelves, it makes things easier forex traders and teachers for you to walk over and choose a title that most serves your area of interest. Likewise, when stocks are grouped into sectors, they become more accessible to investors. If properly understood and invested in a suitable area, the stock market can be a reliable source of income.

How many sectors are there in stock?

There are 11 different stock market sectors, according to the most commonly used classification system: the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS).

The Materials sector includes companies in the metals and mining, chemicals, construction materials, and containers and packaging industry. Q1 forecasts a print of the third highest YoY earnings jump of all 11 sectors, with EPS anticipated to increase roughly 31% from the turbulent year-ago period, according to FactSet. It is a platform where buyers and sellers come together to trade financial tools during specific hours of any business day while adhering to SEBI’s well-defined guidelines. However, only those companies who are listed in astock exchangeare allowed to trade in it. A basket is a group of stocks or mutual funds handpicked under a trending theme. Browse the various baskets and invest in the theme you believe in.

11 sectors of the stock market

Statistical methods such as Cluster Analysis can also be used for classifying stocks. In this method, firms that have historically high correlated returns are grouped together. However, this method has limitations because historical data might be biased. A late-afternoon rally on Wall Street helped stocks close higher Friday, though the major indexes still wound up finishing lower for the week after several days of bumpy trading.