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The SQL Server agent plays a vital role in day to day tasks of SQL server administrator. Server agent’s purpose is to implement the tasks easily with the scheduler engine which allows our jobs to run at scheduled date and time. Multiple column sub query which returns multiple columns to the main query.

Nine Steps to Troubleshooting SQL Server problems – Database Journal

Nine Steps to Troubleshooting SQL Server problems.

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Open the properties window of the target SQL Server instance by accessing its SQL Server service running in the configuration manager. You can leverage segregating indexes into another filegroup on a different disk or you can consider appropriate partitioning to improve its performance. CDC is termed as “Change Data Capture.” It captures the recent activity of INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE, which are applied to the SQL Server table. It records the changes made in the SQL server table in a compatible format.

Q. Which key provides the strongest encryption in SQL Server DBA?

Write a query to fetch the number of employees working in the department ‘HR’. Database Administrator and will also help you ace your interviews. Being the Porsche of Job Candidates – you can get a decent job by being a decent candidate, but to get the best jobs, you have to be the best candidate.

  • The possibility of inconsistency in the database gives rise to the need for Master Data Management.
  • However, the first three types are only frequently used, where “NF” stands for normal form.
  • You can answer by identifying a skill from the job description, such as SQL programming or database management, and explaining why it’s important.
  • Write a query to find the third-highest salary from the EmpPosition table.
  • Temporary tables are the tables that ephemeral in nature.
  • CHECK constraint is applied to any column to limit the values that can be placed in it.

The execution history of the job is displayed and you may choose the execution time . There would information such as the time it took to execute that Job and details about the error that how to become a sql server dba occurred. The simplest answer to this is “Clustered and Non-Clustered Indexes”. There are other types of Indexes that can be mentioned such as Unique, XML, Spatial and Filtered Indexes.

FAQs on SQL Server DBA Interview Questions

This prevents data changes from occurring if a query reads dirty data. This requires more code to determine that an update or delete did not occur and then to take the appropriate action to recover. Comparing all original values of every column in a row on every UPDATE or DELETE may be performed instead of verifying the TIMESTAMP column has not changed.

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  • Gather all details about dependencies of this database like linked server, Jobs, logins, reports, replication, auditing, etc.
  • NOLOCK allows the query to access both committed and uncommitted data and may return dirty data.
  • DML triggers are powerful objects for maintaining database integrity and consistency.
  • Jacob makes the dry subject like XML to worth reading and learning it.