3 Sectors In Play As Wall Street’s Q1 Earning Season Kicks Off Investing com India

Different publicly traded corporations exist in each stock market sector. Each company in the industry has its own set of dynamics, which impact profitability. Continue reading to learn more about the different stock market sectors, with a focus on the Indian stock market.

How many sectors are there in stock?

There are 11 different stock market sectors, according to the most commonly used classification system: the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS).

The second wave of Covid-19 is ebbing in India with total active cases at less than 20 per cent of May highs. The government has cut the export duty on steel products and iron ore with effect from Saturday in order to provide a fillip to the domestic steel industry and boost exports. The rupee depreciated 12 paise to 81.86 against the US dollar in early trade on Monday, tracking the strength of the American currency in the overseas market and a muted trend in domestic equities. Dost is a light commercial vehicle offered in Hinduja group flagship brand Ashok Leyland.

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India is a steady ship and a bright spot in a turbulent world, Union ministers said at an elite gathering to celebrate the eighth edition of The Economic Times Startup Awards in Bengaluru on Saturday. The persistent inflation has challenged policymakers over the past few months. Despite the Reserve Bank of India raising interest rates by 1.9 percentage points since April 2022, inflation has remained above its tolerance range for over 9 months now. September quarter profit plummeted 25% to levels not seen since the peak covid quarter of April-June 2021 as raw material costs surged 45% from a year earlier, a Mint analysis of 2,923 companies showed. However, with commodity costs softening, companies will likely see profit rebound in the coming quarters. Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das said a synchronised tightening of monetary policy globally has progressively increased the risk of a hard landing, which is a recession to tame inflation.

11 sectors of the stock market

Therefore, S&P 500 index can be considered a broad indicator of the US equity markets. The Indian market has eleven sectors that accommodate in themselves all the industries and companies. The sectors include financials, healthcare, real estate, energy, consumer staples, communications, among many others. The first component includes those companies which develop pharmaceuticals and treatments based on biotechnology and analytical tools and also the supplies which are needed for clinical trials. The other part includes healthcare equipment and services, medical diagnostic tools, surgical supplies and typical health insurance.

In the Stock market, how many sectors are there?

From the lows of March 2020, seen after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the markets crashed by 30%, the leading indices reached a high in November 2021 and then came the big stock market crash of 2022. The Technology sector is the category of stocks relating to the research, development and distribution of technologically based goods and services. The term technology sector is frequently shortened to tech sector and is used interchangeably with the term technology industry in India. A Sector represent the companies listed according to their category in which businesses share the same or a related product or service. It can also be also called as an list of companies those shares common operating characteristics in an economy. It is very useful as dividing an economy into different sectors allows more in-depth analysis of the economy.

11 sectors of the stock market

We divide equities into sectors to make comparing companies with comparable business models easier. You can pick stocks from industries that interest you when it comes to investing. Sectors also make comparing which stocks make the most money easier. This aids you in making selections about your subsequent investments.


The broad categories help the portfolio managers to make their work easier. The traders can choose according to their needs and then customize their portfolio by traderprof broker selecting multiple sectors. The Indian stock market is divided into various sectors that serve as the broad category for the different public trading companies.

How many sectors in stock markets are present?

There is no definitive number, and this article’s stock market sector list is certainly not exhaustive. The count will certainly grow. New companies evolve, and as a result, the count of sectors cannot afford to stay stagnant.

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The industry that involves the economy thriving on the increasing consumer demands is categorized into customer discretionary. Investors face a challenging task before allocating money to a specific stock. Global Industry Classification Standard organizes companies based on their primary business activities. Gas and oil firms and producers of other renewable resources like ethanol and coal are all part of the sector. The telecommunications business helps people stay connected since communication is at the heart of every civilization. For example, an electricity firm may distribute electricity in a specific territory before charging customers.

11 sectors of the stock market

NIFTY 50 is NSE’s index, and it is extensively used by investors across the globe to gauge the performance of the Indian capital market. Secondary market– The secondary market is also known as the stock market; it acts as a trading platform for investors. Here, investors trade in securities without involving the companies who issued them in the first place with the help of brokers.

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Consumer discretionary goods include durable goods, apparel, entertainment, leisure and automobiles. He is known for his in-depth understanding of investing and technical trading. The Demat account also includes various tools like options strategy builder, algo trading etc for ease of trading. Your Demat account includes recommendations from our top-notch research team to help you choose the best investment. Thomas Cook Limited announced the launch of Holiday Mate, an online B2B tool that enables its travel agent partners to provide end-users with quick, seamless, and accurate services…

  • This is the best & defensive sector to invest even during an Global Epidemic like Covid – 19.
  • This sector’s role has enhanced in recent years as it also has an inclusion of the media and entertainment industry.
  • When interest rates rise, loans and mortgages are the two areas that produce the most earnings.
  • This aids you in making selections about your subsequent investments.
  • Investors face a challenging task before allocating money to a specific stock.

Hence we request you to initiate funds transfer through NEFT / RTGS. The Nasdaq 100 is a tech-dominated index with not a single company from the financial and banking space. There are so lot of good companies in Materials sector but the best 5 companies are listed below which we think are very find a programmer for startup good to invest at current level. The Industrial Sector consists of aerospace, defence, machinery, construction, fabrication and manufacturing companies. In general, the industry’s growth is driven by demand for building construction and manufactured products like agricultural equipment.

The rent from these residential, professional, or other spaces is the primary income source in the real estate sector. The stock market’s financial sector is a popular one and accommodates all the established and mature firms and companies. Each sector of the stock market has different publicly traded companies.

What are the 10 market sectors?

These sectors include healthcare, materials, real estate, consumer staples, consumer discretionary, utilities, energy, industrials, consumer services, financials, and technology.

487 per share since the Gurugram-based startup debuted on the stock exchange. China has been reporting higher Covid cases which has made investors nervous about China extending its Zero Covid strategy. All the Asian markets ended in red and Europe was trading lower in the morning session. In this blog, we will explain what you get if you choose to invest in funds tracking either Nasdaq 100 or S&P 500 indices and how they differ in performance and portfolio. This will help you select the fund that suits your risk and return profile. The stock market can be a constant source of income if appropriately understood and invested in the right sector.

Real estate sector in India is expected to reach US$ 1 trillion by 2030. The Government of India has been supportive to the real estate sector. In August 2015, the Union Cabinet approved 100 Smart City Projects in India. The Government has also raised FDI limits for townships and settlements development projects to 100 per cent.